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Our Programs and Services

Infants:We have Three Infant Rooms

Infant One-ages 0-9mos

Infant Two-9mos- 12mos

Cruisers-12mos-18mos-New outdoor Playground Facility for Infants)


The infant program is designed to give each individual infant nurturing care and appropriate stimulating activities to enhance cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. Activities include story time, art, music, language development, and outdoor play on the covered infant deck. The experienced and fully qualified staff members create an atmosphere of love and confidence to emphasize coordination between the infant's home schedule and their routine at the center.




TWADDLERS -18-24 months       TODDLERS -2YEAR OLDS


Children in this age group engage mainly in parallel play, while learning to be social and share with each other. The toddlers enjoy a wide variety of active and quiet time activities provided by the certified and qualified staff. These include but are not limited to cognitive development, language development, art, songs and music, circle time, outdoor play, and fine and gross motor skills. Toilet training skills are taught when the child begins showing signs of pottying.




Preschool One: 3 & 4 Years                                          


A variety of learning and play experiences that encourage social, emotional, cognitive thinking, and physical development are provided in this room. Learning skills are taught to both day and evening care children. The activities planned by the certified staff provide language development, art, fine and gross motor skills, math and science readiness, sensory experiences, outdoor play, imaginative play, and listening skills.





Preschool Two: 4 & 5 Years-GET READY FOR KINDERGARTEN


The day for the 4 and 5 year old is an extensive structured learning program working on developing all the areas needed for kindergarten. This is an advanced preschool class geared towards developing social skills and physical and emotional growth, utilizing both individual and cooperative play situations to increase sensory exploration of materials and activities. The certified, experienced staff will also work with math, science, music, listening centers and circle time.


Schoolage Program: 6-13 Years

Cubs Room ages 6-8

Cougars Room ages 9-13

The schoolage program is an enriched educational program that is both fun and interesting for school-aged children. Children will have ample opportunity to socialize, do their homework, and play. Since the children have already had a full day sitting at their desks in school, we've created programs that are fun and loosely structured, yet filled with both imagination and information. State of the Art Video Game and computer room was designed for both rooms,including X-box,Wii, PLaystation ,and Educational Computer Games.



Summer Camp: 6-12 Years


When school is out, Little Learners is like a summer camp, where free play, exploration and learning all happen together. Children are provided with a variety of fieldtrips full of exploration and fun. Both day and evening children have planned activities throughout the summer.

Please note: Additional fees are required to attend Summer Camp.




Being a part of the Child and Adult Food program, Litle Learners provides all children with a well-balanced daily meal (including food from all four basic food groups) which constitutes 1/3 of the child's daily dietary allowance. A freshly prepared breakfast, hot lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner and evening snack for our nighttime children, are prepared and served each day at the center. Infants are provided formula and Bay food at no cost as well.


Security Systems


The safety of the children is taken very seriously in our state of the art facility. Upon entering our building you will view a series of television monitors for each individual room in the Center. Both audio and video taping occur the entire time the center is open. A numbered keypad security system,and Biometric Fingerprint system must be coded in to activate the opening of all entry and exit doors. Only custodial parents are given the code, and children are not permitted to touch the keypads or have the codes AT ANY TIME.


1433 Whipple Avenue NW

Canton, OH 44708



New Facility

3550 13th Street NW

Canton, OH 44708


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